How HotNews Can Help Developers and IT Professionals


SAP HotNews is a free service that can be customised to meet your application requirements. This service delivers the latest updates and news on products and software components. Moreover, you can personalize HotNews by specifying which software components you want to receive. With HotNews, you can also receive alerts about new releases and upcoming changes. It is a useful service for developers and IT professionals. Read on to discover how it can help you in your work.

First recognized by the United States Supreme Court in 1918, hot news doctrine was used to challenge the copyright rights of wire services, such as the Associated Press. In 1918, wire services were the fastest way to share news. Companies like the Associated Press and the International News Service employed journalists to cover events and distribute news articles to their affiliated newspapers across the country. They were not limited in their use of the content they produced, but they were required to provide proper attribution when distributing their hot news.

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As for the Second Circuit’s ruling in Hotnews, the court said that the NBA’s claim was not equivalent to its Section106 claim. The NBA had claimed to enforce exclusive copyright rights, but the ruling in Feist demonstrates that it is not. Hence, it does not seem likely that the NBA will prevail in this case. It’s unclear whether or not this new ruling will change the law on “hot news” but will continue to be a useful tool for media companies.