HotNews – An Essential Source of Information For SAP Operations Teams


Hotnews is one of the oldest and largest news websites in Romania. It focuses on current affairs, finance, and politics. The site publishes news stories, interviews, video documentaries, and opinion pieces. It has a large user base and has been online since 1995. Whether you’re looking for local or international news, HotNews has something for you.

While the term “hotnews” can be controversial, there are important uses for this concept, and it has been around for a long time. The term was first recognized by the United States Supreme Court in 1918 when it ruled against a competing wire service for copying articles written by AP reporters in Europe without attribution. Although the term “hot news” has since spread, copyright laws still apply.

SAP uses HotNews as a web-based news service to keep their customers informed about the latest developments in their products and software. They offer filters to help users find the most relevant content. Users can also subscribe to specific modules, fixes, or Important Notes. All of the content is continually updated and can be customized for each application.

HotNews is an essential source of information for SAP operations teams. Whether they’re looking for the latest SAP news, or just the latest updates, HotNews is essential for SAP professionals. It has many useful features, including customizable content and filters. For example, HotNews allows users to delay processing until a security vulnerability is resolved or to flag irrelevant content.

HotNews is available to AUGI members through their MY AUGI profile. Subscribers can select topics and choose the frequency of delivery. A new edition of HotNews is delivered to subscribers every month. It features articles, news, and special events. The newsletter is delivered by email and doesn’t cost a penny.

HotNews is Romania’s biggest news website, and focuses on current affairs, finance, and politics. It features news, opinion pieces, videos, and interviews. HotNews is updated several times a day and boasts over two million unique visitors each month. It also offers an English-language video news channel.